Each treatment will take approximately one hour and ten minutes. The clinic at WellSpring Acupuncture has been designed with only one treatment room, which means that you have my full attention for the entirety of your appointment.

Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation includes:

  • Thorough health history covering all of your body’s systems (digestive, respiratory, reproductive, psychoemotional, etc)

  • Detailed analysis of your main complaint

  • Comprehensive posture and movement screening

  • Traditional Chinese physical exam, including feeling your pulse and looking at your tongue


Return Visits

All return visits include a customized combination of:

  • Reassessment of any problematic postural issues or functional movements

  • Acupuncture, cupping, or other traditional Chinese therapies as necessary

  • Tuina massage or other forms of manual therapy

  • Home exercise prescription

  • Traditional Chinese herbal prescriptions and/or dietary or lifestyle modifications may also be suggested. Fees do not include the price of any herbs.



I am not contracted with any insurance carriers and do not process insurance claims, but I will be happy to provide you with paperwork for you to submit to your insurance company if you would like to have them reimburse you directly. If your insurance plan includes acupuncture and covers out-of-network providers, you will be able to submit a claim to your insurance to have your treatments reimbursed.  



Initial Evaluation - $150

Return Visits - $120

  • Prepaid packet of 5 return visits: 5% discount ($114 each)

  • Prepaid packet of 10 return visits: 10% discount ($108 each)

Custom formulas of granulated herbs generally cost between $20-$30 for a one week supply. Externally applied herbal oils, soaks, liniments and salves generally cost between $10-$20.


To make an appointment:

Appointments are available Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Appointment times start at 8 am, with the last appointment available at 5:45 pm.

To request an appointment:

Email: joshualerner@comcast.net

Phone: 425 226 6790

Let me know what days of the week work for you, and whether you want a morning or afternoon appointment.